2023 is a difficult year for businesses but has witnessed the solidarity and continuous development of Vilaconic Joint Stock Company Party Cell. On November 28, 2023, Vilaconic Joint Stock Company Cell organized a conference to summarize Party building in 2023 and directions, goals, and tasks in 2024.





In terms of attending the Conference, on the Party Committee side of the Enterprise sector, there were:

- Comrade: Phan Thi Hoan - Provincial Party Committee member, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nghe An Business Sector

- Comrade: Nguyen Thi Tra Giang - Member of the Executive Committee, Deputy Head of the Party Committee's Organizing Committee


On Vilaconic Joint Stock Company's side, there are:

- Comrade Hoang Van Ngoan: Party Cell Secretary

- Comrade Hoang Xuan Dung: Deputy Secretary of the Party Cell

- Comrade Nguyen Thi Duyen: Member of the Executive Committee


Together with all Party members in the Party Cell;


At the conference, on behalf of the cell of Vilaconic Joint Stock Company, Secretary Hoang Van Ngoan (Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director) reported the results achieved on: Business, employment, policies, and security. national defense, social security, and Party building work. Limitations and ways to overcome them. And through the conference, he also outlined directions and goals for 2024.





Party members in the Party Cell of Vilaconic Joint Stock Company have contributed many ideas to contribute to the development of the company, and build a strong and united Party cell.


Also here, the Party Cell listened to the input and direction of comrade Phan Thi Hoan - Provincial Party Committee member, Party Secretary of the Business Sector on: Continuing to build brand and product quality; put Credibility first; continue to build culture, economic security, and build harmonious labor relationships; promote the role of the Party organization.











Vilaconic is a family, with faith and belief in the power of the collective. Vilaconic Joint Stock Company cell continues to maintain the spirit of solidarity and support each other in all challenges, so that we become more and more powerful and stronger.


Every step we take is a new step on the journey of development and prosperity.


Happy 2023 - a year full of meaning and progress!


Welcome 2024 - a year full of promise and breakthroughs!